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Our Latest Insights

Nov 19, 2021

BeTechly: Where Business and Tech Meet to Share New Insights and Solutions for Today’s Landscape

BeTechly: Where Business and Tech Meet to Share New Insights and Solutions for Today’s Landscape

To enable enhanced growth potential and deeper exploration into a host of markets globally, C3

Aug 18, 2021

 Data Growth Impact on Storage and Cloud

Data Growth Impact on Storage and Cloud Simplify Storage Across Multiple Workloads

Business data is growing and deciding on an appropriate storage method is an important decision

Aug 11, 2021

The Impacts of AI Chatbot

The Impacts of AI Chatbot Commerce & Customer Experience

Chatbots have moved to the mainstream with organizations harnessing the power of AI to provide

Aug 06, 2021

The Growing Use of Analytics and AI

The Growing Use of Analytics and AI Analytics and AI Trends

To uncover more about the growing use of Analytics and AI, our research arm C3

Apr 23, 2020

Rear view of businessman speak on web conference with colleagues using laptop Webcam, male employee talk on video call with coworkers have online meeting briefing from home

The New Normal for Remote Access 4 Reasons You need to Rethink your Cloud Strategy

Now is a great time to inject some new ideas and infrastructure into your overall

Apr 19, 2020

conceptual image of a fatigued young man facing a large human brain

Combating Brain Fatigue is Now Your Top Priority 5 Ways to De-stress Your Team

In today’s constantly connected world, it is not surprising that a new type of challenge

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Active Studies

Want to participate? Below are some of our active studies. Click on the study of interest, which will take you to our match survey, so you can access the study that matches your area of responsibility and participate.

B2B Solutions Capability Benchmarking Study

This study is designed to determine the hot spots of activity with regard to where B2B providers are planning to introduce new solutions, and where they expect to grow.

Server Requirements for AI Applications Gap Analysis

This study will explore whether the use of AI applications is growing, the computing architecture required to support it, as well as what types of changes are required for AI workloads.

Storage and Back up Priorities/Challenges

This survey is designed to understand challenges and priorities IT departments face when dealing with data storage, back up, and Disaster Recovery.