Best-in-Class Market Research and Reporting

C3 Tech Targeting is our research arm which uses survey-based research to not only provide insights and expertise, but to also deliver BANT qualified leads to our clients. Using the Insight Effect – our market surveys are created to engage target buyer segments in topics that matter to them, providing them with peer-generated data and results on key topics. Our analysts have decades of experience covering a variety of IT topics and can interpret the survey results to yield nuggets of perspective for both the buyer and solution provider. Because of this, our C3 Tech Targeting platform engages businesses and IT leaders in a unique way, helping them find skilled solution providers that fit their requirements AND provides hard data on common issues that affect them. C3 Tech Targeting surveys can be used as part of a lead generation program or purely for market research or data cleansing and enhancement.

Tailored Surveys

Designed to provide impactful insights for a targeted audience, generally in a specific geography. These surveys are tailored to each client’s specifications, with customized questions, automations, and routing for participants that meet their targeting criteria.

Expert Lead Qualification

Experienced sales development specialists, use the survey research to BANT qualify leads, confirm their interests and environment, as well as ensure lead appointment calls are productive and fruitful

Whitepaper on Results

All survey participants receive a personalized, beautifully designed report that incorporates both the survey questions and responses, as well as insights on key trends from our analyst team.


We conduct survey-based research with Technology buyers around the world and produce market research reports from that research.


Survey based reports, benchmarking studies. Participants of the study get access to the full research and to the benchmark results as well as access to solutions experts and topical experts to further discuss these topics.

How Do You Participate?

Want to participate? Below are some of our active studies. Click on the study of interest, which will take you to our match survey, so you can access the study that matches your area of responsibility and participate.

Storage Requirements Gap Analysis Study

The objective of this study is to solicit insights on the state of analytics and its availability and impact on Emergency Departments.

Impact of Unstructured Data on Storage Requirements Study

The objective of this study is to explore the impact of unstructured data growth on data management, particularly back-up and recovery.

Systems Modernization Barriers and Benefits Study

This objective of this study is to correlate infrastructure challenges and priorities, as well as business size and industry, measuring the need for system modernization among IBM...

B2B Marketing Effectiveness Index

The objective is to help B2B marketers understand the effectiveness of various marketing tactics for differing customer segments.

B2B Lead Generation & Nurturing Effectiveness Index

The objective of this study is to help determine what are considered the most effect methods used to engage various customer segments today.

B2B Decision-Maker Engagement Preferences

The objective of this study is to understand decision-maker preferences, in terms of how they want to be engaged, in what ways, and how often.

Many of our studies are sponsored.

If you'd like to engage with us to conduct a sponsored research study to engage
your market, contact our Insights Team

Save time. Data driven decisions. Easy market research.

Gain an Essential Edge

C3 Tech Targeting engages with business and IT leaders in a variety of ways, all with the goal of helping you to make informed decisions about the innovative technologies and companies that enable your IT transformation plan. Engage our platform to build out your strategic plan for investments and changes to your IT infrastructure.

Address Your Top Challenges

C3 Tech Targeting is uniquely positioned to help you make informed decisions about how to navigate specific IT challenges, as well as power your organization’s digital transformation. We don't just analyze the innovative technology and service providers, we analyze the entire ecosystem and advise on your specific opportunities and challenges. We triangulate market data, and expert insights to deliver a perspective on IT that you won't find anywhere else.

Access a Variety of Market Research

We produce a variety of market research for survey participants, if you'd like a copy of any of our reports, we require that you participate in the research. If the survey of interest is closed, you can contact our Insights Team at and schedule a time to speak with them and gain access to the research.

C3 Tech Targeting market research reports are only available
to study participants and sponsors.

If you would like to participate or access a research report, please contact our
Insights Team

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